Martin Griffiths

Senior Advisor

Martin Griffiths is a Strategic Advisor for Inter Mediate and co-founder.

Prior to this, Martin founded and ran the Geneva based HD Centre from 1999 to 31 July 2010.

He has worked with UNICEF in Asia, in the British Diplomatic Service, and a range of British NGOs, including as Chief Executive of ActionAid.

He rejoined the United Nations (UN) in 1994 as Director of the Department of Humanitarian Affairs (which became OCHA) in Geneva and went to become the Deputy to the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator in New York in 1998.



He has also served as UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Great Lakes and UN Regional Coordinator in the Balkans with the rank of UN Assistant Secretary-General.

Martin is a field leader in mediation and negotiation in conflict situations, having specialised in developing dialogue between governments and insurgents.

He has helped lay the foundations for peace in a range of countries across Asia and Africa.